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Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) for Fuel


Diesel engines can run on waste vegetable oil, obtained from local restaurants.  Restaurants must pay a recycling service to haul off the used oil, so most are willing to give this to you for free.


To run a diesel vehicle on WVO, a second heated tank must be installed in the vehicle, whether in the trunk or the bed of a pickup truck.  If a pickup truck already has a second tank fuel tank, it is possible to add a heating element to the second tank to use WVO, although this method is more difficult that adding a separate tank.


The heating of the second tank involves a heat exchanger in the tank connected to the engine’s coolant system.  As the tank warms up on diesel or biodiesel fuel, the hot engine coolant flows through the heat exchanger, heating the oil and thinning it out so it can be efficiently used as a fuel.  Once the engine reaches its normal operating temperature, a dash-mounted switch is flipped causing a fuel selector valve located in the fuel line to switch to the vegetable oil.  Prior to stopping the vehicle for an extended period of time, the engine must be switched back to diesel fuel to purge the injector pump and injectors prevent any oil from gelling up the engine as it cools.


The only other component necessary is a fuel filter for the WVO line.  In colder climates, it may also be necessary to provide additional electric fuel heating, which can be achieved with a Racor heated fuel filter/water separator. 


Native Renewables can provide you with a custom conversion kit for your specific application.  Please call Alex McKinney at (404) 395-6165 or email at for more details.  View the pictures of my 1996 VW Passat TDI conversion.


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Last updated June 7, 2004